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Beauty of 3 – Pinnacle VIEW Magazine

Name of Business Owner: Ronny Smith

Phone Number: (606)-670-9119



What are your business’ core values, goals, and overall mission?
To engage the citizens of Claiborne County, TN, Bell County, KY and Lee County, VA by leading them on a journey to rediscover their mountain heritage, celebrate accomplishments and promote the quality of life and beauty in this place we call home.

Share some unique facts about your business. What makes your business stand out?
BEAUTY of 3 showcases the beauty of all 3 states through photos and videos. Only positive articles are published on

What products or services do you offer companies or individuals?
Pinnacle VIEW Magazine is the main product. The digital magazine offers stories about people celebrating life in the BEAUTY of 3 along with photos and videos. BEAUTY of 3 also shares what is happening in the 3 states, blogs by local people and business news.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

1. The BEAUTY of 3 theme song. The lyrics were written by Elaine Smith and Bell County’s own Dale Ann Bradley, award-winning singer and songwriter, wrote the music and recorded the song at The Curve Studio in Powell Valley along with award-winning singer/songwriter Steve Gulley. These two wonderful friends believed in the BEAUTY of 3 project and joined us in our journey in bringing BEAUTY of 3 to the world.

2. The BEAUTY of 3 music video. The video was mainly filmed at the Pinnacle within the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and it is posted on the Mountain Living page of the website.

Why are you a member of the Claiborne Economic Partnership?
Our vision is to foster a culture of engagement, promoting high-impact community partnerships that are mutually beneficial and collaborative. Joining CEP has introduced us to multiple business owners who understand the importance of collaboration.