Chamber Committees

  • Government Relations Committee

    Increases business awareness and involvement in political and legislative issues. The committee works to foster and maintain strong communications and relationships with government officials and agencies at all levels. The committee must always stand as a strong advocate for business and the community at the local and state levels.

    Chairperson: Rodney England

  • Membership Committee

    Provides leadership for the members of the Claiborne Chamber of Commerce and serve as a volunteer extension of our Board of Directors to cultivate, promote and maintain a positive relationship between the Claiborne Chamber of Commerce, its members and the community.

    Chairperson: Daniel England

  • Tourism & Travel

    Promotes, develops and coordinates year-round tourism/visitation to the Claiborne County area which encompasses but does not exclude any other entity not formally mentioned in the areas of The City of Cumberland Gap, The City of Harrogate, The City of New Tazewell, The City of Tazewell, the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Harrogate City Park, New Tazewell City Park, Tazewell City park, the Claiborne County Fair Grounds, Cumberland Gap Festival Park, Woodlake Golf Course, etc. and create an awareness and understanding of tourism’s effect on, and enhancement of, the local economy and residents’ quality of life.

    Chairperson: Neil Stanifer

  • Community Development

    Responsible for all activities and projects which lead towards improvement of the physical and environmental elements of the community so that it will become a better and more attractive place in which to live, shop and invest.

    Chairperson: Wesley Minton 

  • Economic & Workforce Development

    Works with public and private sector individuals and organizations to create and maintain an economic climate in which businesses have the ability to thrive and grow. Areas of focus: Targeting new industries, new business recruitment, economic development marketing, workforce development and existing industry.

    Chairperson: Adam Daniels

  • Nominating Committee

    Presents nominations for the Claiborne Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the consideration at the annual election of Officers and Directors. The committee is appointed at least 60 days prior to the annual election and consists of five board members. The committee will present one nomination for each seat of the Board which is vacant or expiring. The committee will present one nomination for President, President Elect and Treasurer when vacancy occurs or term is expiring.

    Chairperson: Kim Bolton 

  • Executive Committee

    Develops a long term strategic plan (vision and goals) for the Board. To review the strategic plan annually for adequacy, accuracy and validity. To assess programs and services to ensure alignment with strategic plan. To establish long term priorities as well as objectives for the current year.

    Chairperson: Daniel England