Leadership Claiborne


To improve the community’s leadership stock, to promote community involvement, to bring emerging leaders to the forefront and to educate area constituency on issues of importance. We also strive to develop an ongoing network of community leaders and facilitate projects that will have a positive impact on the community.



Provides access to key leaders and decision makers in the Claiborne County area.

We give an exclusive introduction to the people and places that make up the very core of our community.

Students will receive dynamic and significant interaction with emerging leaders as well as those firmly established in positions of influence in our region and state

Every student will leave the class with a sense of encouragement and motivation for direct involvement in business and community leadership.



Class members meet one time each month during business hours. The nine month program consists of panel and group discussions, business and community tours, networking, and teamwork. .Each session is designed to give the participant a new and exciting insight into the people and places that are the pillars of the community. A high level of interaction is vital to each session.

Leadership Claiborne is made up of an adult class and a student class. The adult class is made up of emerging leaders in the community. The student class is made up of seniors chosen from the 3 high schools in our area. Whether new to the area, newly promoted within their place of business, or just eager to become more involved in the Claiborne County area, participants have already displayed a level of leadership.



Tuition for this amazing nine-month program is $400. Tuition covers all expenses for meetings and materials. The tuition must be paid by October 10th, 2018.


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Leadership Application


    Leadership Claiborne is a program of the Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce.  Its purpose is to promote community involvement, bring emerging leaders to the forefront, and develop an ongoing network of community leaders.


    Application Instructions


    • Please complete the application fully.
    • The application must be mailed to Leadership Claiborne, 1732 Main Street, Suite 1 Tazewell, TN 37879 by August 14, 2018 or give to any board member.
    • Tuition for Leadership Claiborne is $400.00 and will be due by October 10, 2018.  Please note in your application if your tuition will be paid by your employer (this will be verified by the Leadership Board).
    • If an invoice is required for payment, please call or e-mail Melany Bunch (423-526-7076) or (bunch@claibornecsd.org). An invoice will be sent immediately upon request. 


    Selection Criteria


    Participation in Leadership Claiborne is open to persons living or working in Claiborne County.  Participants will be chosen by the Leadership Claiborne Board of Directors based upon the information provided in this application. The directors will be seeking representatives that are active in a variety of activities and organizations, and will reflect the diversity of Claiborne County. Applicants must have the full support of the organization or business they represent.


    ***Graduation Requirements:  You must also be available to attend one class per month from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. with no less than 80% attendance rate which includes an overnight trip to Nashville.  You must attend required three county meetings.  You must participate in the class project that benefits our county.*** 


                               Leadership Claiborne Application




    Name: ________________________________________________________________________


    Nickname or Name Preferred: _______________________________________________


    Home Address/City/State/Zip:




    Employer: ________________________________________________________________________


    Title: ________________________________________________________________________


    Work Address/City/State/Zip:



    Date Began: __________

    Phone: Home ________________________ Work: ________________________

    Cell: ______________________________    Fax: ___________________________



    Email Address: _____________________________________________________

    ***Please list an email address that you check daily, as email is the primary method of contact from your class facilitator and the Leadership Claiborne Board.***



    Employer Contact Information:  (Your employer will be sent attendance records every three months.)

    Name of Immediate Supervisor___________________________________________ Ph. # ____________________    Email _____________________________________








    Please list up to five community, political, civic, professional, business, religious, social, athletic, or other organizations in which you have been involved.


    Activity/Organization/ Responsibilities                          Dates                                     











    Please list any awards or honors you have received during the past five years: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



    Hobbies and Special Interests: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





    If married, spouse’s name: __________________________ Are they a past member of Leadership Claiborne?  ____________________________________________


    Ages of Children (if any):  _________________ Hometown:_______________________________________________


    Any Special Food Requirements: ________________________________________________________________________

    Any Known Allergies:



    Last School Attended: ________________________________________________________________________


    Degrees/Majors: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    What do you consider your highest career achievement to date? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



    The most memorable, exciting, or unusual experience in my life so far (excluding marriage or births unless unusual!) was when: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    The three most significant challenges facing Claiborne County are:










    The three things I like most about Claiborne County are:









    What do you hope to gain from your participation in Leadership Claiborne?








    References should be able to describe the applicant as a leader and explain why the applicant would be an asset to the Leadership Claiborne program. References should come from different areas, but we request that at least one (1) business reference and one (1) personal reference are included.


                                                     Type of Reference

          Reference                        (Business, Personal, etc.)                Phone Number        









    I understand the purposes of the Leadership Claiborne program and if I am selected I will devote the time necessary to complete the program. The class sessions are on a monthly basis and are during regular business hours, and class projects may require additional meetings outside of the monthly required class meetings. I also understand that my behavior while part of Leadership Claiborne should do nothing to jeopardize the integrity of the program.  I understand the above commitments and agree to honor them by signing this application.



    Signature: ________________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________


    Return, no later than August 12, 2018 along with photo to:


    Leadership Claiborne

    C/O Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce

    1732 Main Street, Suite 1

    Tazewell, TN 37879



    Karyn Clark chamberceo@claibornepartnership.com

    Brain Pendleton brian.pendleton@englandfurniture.com

    Melany Bunch melany.bunch@claibornecsd.org