Karyn Clark


Phone Number: 423-626-4149
Email Address:

As CEO of the Claiborne Economic Partnership, I manage all aspects of the Chamber of Commerce, Economic and Community Development and Tourism.

Joined the Partnership in 2018. She is the president of Leadership Claiborne Board of Directors, and is on the Boys & Girls Club of Claiborne County Board of Directors and also a member of the LMU Advisory Board.

What to Know about Claiborne County?

Favorite pastime in Claiborne County?  My favorite pastimes are spending time with my family and friends, enjoying Norris Lake, and sitting on my porch looking at the mountains.

Favorite Thing about Claiborne County?  My favorite thing about Claiborne County is the people.  We are all connected in our Community and do what we can to help each other.  I also love the small town atmosphere.

What part of Claiborne County do you live in? What makes it special?  I live in Tazewell, but I grew up on a farm in New Tazewell.  I love the views from my house.

How long have you lived in Claiborne County?  I have been a lifelong resident of Claiborne County except for the years I went away to college.  I am married to Brent Clark and we have four daughters.  I was a co-owner of a factory in Claiborne County, and I taught and was a principal until I retired and came to the CEP.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Sports Team:  My favorite sports team will always be the Tennessee Volunteers-my alma mater!

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is any video that involves my children.

Favorite Vacation:  My favorite vacation is renting a houseboat on Norris Lake and spending a week of fun and quality time with my family without having to travel for hours.

Robin Duncan

Office Coordinator
Phone Number: 423-626-4149
Email Address:

I ensure that our office runs smoothly, I handle phone calls, walk-ins, finances and preparation for events alongside Mrs. Clark.

Joined the Partnership in 2019


Favorite pastime in Claiborne County? Anything involving my sons and grandchildren.

Favorite Thing about Claiborne County? The people in Claiborne County that are truly like family and the willingness to help each other in any situation.

What part of Claiborne County do you live in? What makes it special? I live on a large working farm in Tazewell, which is actually two minutes away from Norris Lake. I get to enjoy the country and the lake.

How long have you lived in Claiborne County? I’m a lifelong resident of Claiborne Co. I’m married to Sam Duncan and we have four sons and twelve grandchildren, we love our family and beautiful town.

Fun Facts:
Favorite Sports Team: Go Vols!!
Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Draft Day
Favorite Vacation: Camping or anywhere with my family on the farm or lake.

Teresa Fuson

Event Coordinator
Phone Number: 423-626-4149
Email Address:

My main responsibility is to coordinate a successful Powell River Regatta in April and The White Lightning Trail Festival each year in September. The White Lighting Trail Festival brings in around 5,000 people to the historic town of Cumberland Gap each year.

The Powell River Regatta is a wonderful springtime event that draws sometime 100 to 150 kayakers. It is a great benefit for our Powell River Blueway Trail. This is the best way to enjoy our river and also compete in the race for cash prizes.